About the Organizer

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Events for Good (EFG) is a social impact venture that aims to become the largest event organizer in Southeast Asia, promoting and supporting charitable causes through sports and competitions. The group organizes domestic and international competitions like the Vientiane Half Marathon.

By sponsoring and developing unique sporting events, EFG currently assists organizations and corporations in Laos. EFG’s efforts are backed by effective public relations and promotion activities and the group operates to provide clients excellent, top-quality service, building long-term relationships and adding real value to our clients’ businesses.

Through these efforts, EFG hopes to promote exercise and fitness in Lao PDR and promote confidence and good health for all, including women, youth, and minorities. A percentage of proceeds generated from all EFG events goes towards charitable organizations in Lao PDR and around the world, in order to promote solidarity between Lao PDR and other countries.

These events seek to allow opportunities to both entry-level and advanced-level athletes. EFG also helps identify athletes in various sports to represent Lao PDR in the Olympic Games, Southeast Asian Games, Asian and regional tournaments, as well as in overseas international competitions. This is achieved by establishing and providing systematic training to a national squad of athletes, at both junior and senior levels. Furthermore, EFG supports the establishment of systematic structure and training for coaches, judges, and officials.

EFG promotes tourism in Lao PDR by expanding activities in relation to both fitness and Lao culture. Lao PDR is a little known country to the international community, which adds to its charm. EFG builds on Laos’ attractiveness by hosting our activities very unique locale. The EFG group consists of innovative and highly motivated members working together to bring out a strong capacity to reach our goals. Each member is experienced and has a large network of associations to make our endeavors a reality.