Health & Fitness Expo

Health and Fitness Expo held two days prior to the event. Registrants pick-up race packet during the expo.

Race Day

Race day could be confusing for runners. Click for more info.

After the Race

Expect good things after the race. Click for more info.


Awards Info

Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon: The first 5 men and first 5 women overall winner will be awarded with trophies and cash prizes.

Medals & Certificate
Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon competitors who finish the course within the time limit will receive a finisher e-certificate.

Time Limit for each distance
Half Marathon 3 hours 30 minutes
Mini Marathon 2 hour 30 minutes
5km Fun Run/Walk 1 hour

Overall Awards

Order Half Marathon


(Must be 16 years and older)

Half Marathon


Must be 16 years and older)

Quarter Marathon Overall

Must be 12 years and older)

Women Men Women Men
1 5,000,000Kip 5,000,000Kip        2,000,000Kip  2,000,000Kip 
2 2,500,000Kip  2,500,000Kip        1,000,000Kip  1,000,000Kip 
3 1,000,000Kip 1,000,000Kip   500,000Kip  500,000Kip 
4 700,000Kip 700,000Kip     300,000Kip  300,000Kip 
5 500,000  500,000    200,000Kip 200,000Kip
Sub Total 9,700,000Kip 9,700,000Kip 4,000,000Kip 4,000,000Kip
Grand Total 27,400,000Kip