Run for a Reason

Vientiane International Half Marathon (VIHM) will be held on March 12th, 2017. Our aim is to promote the importance of living a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes regular exercise. We understand that participants will enter the race for many reasons, including improving health, supporting charity, developing unity, and promoting a greener environment. The theme for this year’s half marathon is “Run for a Reason”. We believe that this theme will resonate with every one of our runners and their supporters around the globe and will help to inspire each participant to cross the finish line.

This year, we are proud to work with Village Focus International (VFI) to support the girls empowerment component of the Protection & Empowerment of Women and Children (PEWC) program.  VFI will host a “Empowering Girls Through Sport“ clinic in September, with the aim to enhance the leadership of girls through participation in sports in Laos. This initiative will address the barriers experienced uniquely by girls, and requires organized activities for girls (and dedicating funding to doing so), ensuring these activities take place in a safe space, and establishing trust between coaches and parents.

We are excited to harness Girl Power! through VFI’s project.

We are also proud the support Mines Advisory Group (MAG) on their effort in removing cluster ammunition in Laos. Join the MAG team at the VIHM now! If you can’t run, you can still support the MAG team by donating on our JustGiving page.